Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

About USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program  

Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program Staff

The Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program staff is a team of Kosovar and US professionals who possess broad and extensive experience and expertise in Contract Law, ADR, and Enforcement of Judgments. The Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program staff has an extensive professional experience and academic training in several countries, including the Balkans, Austria, Greece, the United States, Great Britain, and South and Central Asia. The team focuses this training and experience in providing assistance to the government and private institutions in Kosovo with the aim of improving the rule of law and creating a better business environment for economic development and investment.The Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program team is also actively involved in business associations and civil society.

  • Ardi Shita - Legal Specialist

    Mr. Shita is working as a Legal Specialist in USAID Contract Law Enforcement Program, focusing on contract law and ADR. Mr. Shita began working as a commercial and insurance more
  • Ardijan Klisurica

    Ardijan Klisurica is a receptionist at the at USAID’s Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program. He joined this USAID founded program in September 2017. Between 2012 and 2016, more
  • Christopher Thompson - Chief of Party

    Chris Thompson is CLE’s Chief of Party, conducting overall project management and providing technical guidance and support in each of CLE’s program areas. Mr. Thompson more
  • Diora Bajrami - Legal Officer

    Diora Bajrami is working for USAID Contract Law Enforcement Program since September 2016, as a Legal Officer at Commercial Department at the Court of Appeal. My duties are more
  • Edona Bytyēi – Senior Legal Advisor

    Edona Bytyēi is a Senior Legal Advisor, working primarily on CLE Program’s support for judges of Basic Courts in implementing the new Law on Enforcement Procedure. more
  • Gani Surdulli- Procurement and Logistics Specialist

    Mr. Surdulli is the Procurement and Logistics Specialist, with over 13 years experience with international organizations in the field of Procurement/Logistic and more
  • Ganimete Kastrati - Finance and Administration Manager

    Ganimete Kastrati has over 12 years of experience working with the international organizations in Kosovo. Before joining USAID CLE Program Ms. Kastrati also worked in USAID more
  • Hasan Kryeziu

    Hasan Kryeziu - Prej shtatorit tė 2016-tės pėrmes Programit tė USAID-it pėr pėrmbarim dhe legjislacion komercial, punon si Zyrtar Ligjor nė Gjykatėn Themelore nė Prishtinė, more
  • Ilir Nikqi - Zyrtar Ligjor

    Aktualisht punon si Zyrtar Ligjor nė Gjykatėn Themelore nė Prishtinė, Departamenti pėr Ēėshtje Ekonomike, pėrmes Programit tė USAID-it pėr pėrmbarim dhe legjislacion komerical, more
  • Lindita Cena - Backlog Reduction Coordinator

    Lindita Cena is the Backlog Reduction Coordinator. Prior te joining the USAID CLE Lindita worked for the USAID SEAD Program (15 October 2010 -15 July 2012) as Assistant more
  • Mirjeta Shala - Zyrtare Ligjore more
  • Teki Shehu - Senior Attorney

    Mr. Shehu is a legal expert with over 30 years of experience, including eight years of working directly in Kosovo’s privatization process. Mr. Shehu has more
  • Valbona Kelmendi - Koordinatore për zvogëlimin e lëndëve të grumbulluara

    Aktualisht ėshtė duke punuar si zėvendės koordinatore pėr reduktimin e lėndėve tė grumbulluara nė Gjykatėn Themelore nė Prishtinė-Departamenti pėr ēėshtje ekonomike me programin more
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