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Peja Day-Celebrating USAID 15th anniversary in Kosovo

Peja Day-Celebrating USAID 15th anniversary in KosovoPhoto by: The USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

May 30- USAID’s 15th anniversary celebrations continue in the city of Peja. As usually the celebrations were opened with a ceremony and different speeches. The celebrations were characterized with different events throughout the day which were organized by USAID programs.

The Contract Law Enforcement Program participated in this celebration as well by informing the citizens of Peja about the Program. The importance of contracts, opportunities for alternative resolution of disputes through arbitration and mediation centers, as well as enforcement possibilities were the main topics that were discussed with the citizens. Furthermore, the citizens were given a folder which contains the brochures (contracts, private enforcement agents system, and mediation), two issues of CLE's newsletter; USBs containing the standards form contracts, CLE program sheets and success stories. The citizens of Peja showed a great interest for the components of the CLE program.

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