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Round-table with business community in Gračanica/Grašanica

Round-table with business community in Gračanica/GrašanicaPhoto by: The USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

30 July 2014- Two USAID Programs, Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) and Advancing Kosovo Together (AKT) teamed up to host a round-table with the business community in Gračanica/Grašanica. This round-table, organized in cooperation with the Gračanica/Grašanica Municipality served as an initiative to better understand the needs and obstacles that the business community in this region is faced with.

One of the main obstacles that the non-majority communities face is the difficulty of placing their goods on the market and partnering with other businesses. The Contract Law Enforcement Program, in cooperation with other USAID's Programs, is committed to support the non-majority community and remove these obstacles. After organizing the roundtable, the Program in co-operation with American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce will organize a trade fair which will provide opportunities for increasing trade and cooperation between Kosovo-Albanian and Kosovo-Serbian businesses.

During the round-table participants were also informed of the general business enabling environment in Kosovo, the importance and benefits of registering the business, the commercial law framework with emphasis on the importance of using written contacts, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism, and developments on enforcement of judgments

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