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Chilli Pepper Field Day

Chilli Pepper Field DayPhoto by: The USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

Chili Pepper Field Day: On Friday, September 5th, the New Opportunities for Agriculture (NOA) Program held a Chili Pepper Field Day in Gjakova, at the field of grantee Adrian Sadrijaj who has planted 3 hectares of chili peppers. The event hosted around 20 stakeholders (growers, input suppliers, processors and other guests). The event highlighted the success of first-time grower, Adrian Sadrijaj, who was very pleased with his new agri-business, with the support of USAID/ New Opportunities for Agriculture (NOA) and processor Abi & Elif. During this event growers had a chance to exchange their experiences in technologies of growing chili peppers and contracting their products for sale. Together with USAID’s New Opportunities for Agriculture Program, the Contract Law Enforcement Program (CLE) has compiled some contracts that the farmers are already using. Contract Law Enforcement Program distributes these contracts to every business, because they put the agreement on paper, clarify the terminology used , and distribute the risk undertaken by each party in the transactions.

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