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Put it on Paper Roundtable with businesses in Prishtina

Put it on Paper Roundtable with businesses in PrishtinaPhoto by: The USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

25 November - Today Contract Law Enforcement (CLE‬) Program organized a “Put it on Paper” round table with businesses fromPrishtina‬. The importance of contracts, opportunities for alternative resolution of disputes through arbitration and mediation centers, as well as enforcement possibilities were the main topics of this roundtable.

During the ‘Put it on Paper’‪‎roundtable‬, discussions focused on the value of well-negotiated, well-understood, and written‪‎contracts‬to explain, define, and memorialize transactions. Additionally, much time was devoted to explaining available options for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – bothMediation‬and Arbitration; and developments in procedures for enforcing court judgments.

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