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Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents Launched

Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents LaunchedPhoto by: The USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

Jan. 22, 2015 Pristina - In a ceremony in Pristina, the USAID|Kosovo Director of Democracy and Governance Office, Sara Buchanan, and the Minister of Justice, Hajredin Kui, announced the establishment of the Chamber of the Private Enforcement Agents in Kosovo. This event signals an important milestone achievement for the new system for enforcing civil cases.

The first and constitutive General Assembly of the Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents marks the creation of the professional body that will assume many duties for overseeing the profession, ensuring the highest ethical standards, and ensuring the delivery of justice to Kosovo’s citizens. The Chamber is a critical component to ensure that there is professionalism, ethics, independence from influence and conflict of interest and that the dignity of citizens is not violated.

The ceremony took place in Pristina on Thursday, Jan 22, 2015 and brought together key figures from Government institutions, the Courts, and the Private Sector. Over 50 attendees participated in this event to commemorate and announce an important step for Kosovo’s business environment and Rule of Law. During the event, the Director of Democracy and Governance Office at USAID Mission in Kosovo, Sara Buchanan, said that USAID and the United States Government remain a committed partner for Kosovo as we together increase Rule of Law and improve the environment for business and investment. USAID is proud to have played an active role in developing this system’s design, and in following through with its implementation. USAID has always been a strong partner to Kosovo, and continues to provide assistance in a wide range of areas.

Through a transparent process during the first meeting of the assembly of the Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents members of the Executive Board, Chamber / Executive Board President and members of the Control Council were elected, as follows:

Executive Board/ Chamber President:

1. Emine Sherifi - Lubeniqi

Members of the Executive Board:

1. Fadil Hoxha

2. Emine Sherifi - Lubeniqi

3. Gjok Radi

4. Mehdi Reshani

5. Sefer Arifi

6. Saranda Rexhepi

7. Destan Bujupi

Members of the Control Council:

1. Kushtrim Musa

2. Rrezarta Metaj

3. Gzim Gjoshi

The USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program supports the Ministry of Justice to implement the new system for enforcement and delivers the Initial Professional Skills Training to potential Private Enforcement Agents.

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