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Fostering Economic Growth: Legal Reform for Commerce Roundtable

Fostering Economic Growth: Legal Reform for Commerce RoundtablePhoto by: The USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

May 27, 2015, Pristina – "The framework laws we discuss today are designed to streamline commerce and eliminate many challenges to the efficiency of business in Kosovo" said today the USAID|Kosovo Mission Director, James Hope, during the roundtable Fostering Economic Growth Trough Legal Reforms for Commerce.

The roundtable was organized to present a package of laws that are intended to improve the legal framework for commercial activities and lead to greater economic growth. Key decision makers from the Assembly, the Government, business community leaders, and the justice sector assembled to discuss the laws. The roundtable was co-hosted by the Kosovo Assembly and the USAID|Kosovo.

The laws discussed during today’s event includes the Law on Bill of Exchange, Late Payment, Insolvency, Establishment of the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund, and Enforcement Procedure. This package of laws will operate together to reduce incidents of commercial disputes and make enforcement of commercial claims more efficient and timely. Each of these five laws has a crucial impact on economic development and rule of law in Kosovo; working together they will create improved and streamlined framework for commerce.The roundtable was co-organized by USAID Contract Law Enforcement, a three-year activity that works to improve rule of law in Kosovo and create a better business environment for economic development and investment, EMPOWER Credit Support a three-year activity that aims to mobilize private sector capital to SMEs through the provision of partial credit guarantees issued by a newly created, sustainable, non-banking financial institution, the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Company (KCGC).

USAID Contract Law Enforcement is implemented by Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc., while EMPOWER Credit Support is implemented by Financial Markets International.


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