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Nearly 100,000 Court Cases Closed

Nearly 100,000 Court Cases ClosedPhoto by: The USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

July 23, 2015 Pristina - 'Through the support of two USAID Programs, the Effective Rule of Law (EROL) Program and the Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program, Kosovo judges and courts have closed nearly 100,000 cases in less than two years' - said the USAID|Kosovo Mission Director, James Hope, during the conference on backlog reduction.

Today, USAID Kosovo, through the Effective Rule of Law (EROL) Program and the Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program, organized the Conference on Backlog Reduction in Civil Cases and Enforcement of Judgments. The aim of the conference was to present the latest developments in backlog reduction as well as discuss the Kosovo court challenges in this regard.

Kosovo courts historically have been challenged with an overwhelming number of unresolved cases. The officially reported statistics are astonishing – there are over 400,000 unresolved cases of all types in the courts as of the end of December 2014. The backlog of pending cases has become a large problem for the functioning of courts, detrimentally affecting the rule of law and the economic growth of the country.

Strengthening the rule of law in Kosovo is a cornerstone of USAID Kosovo and its Programs. From the refurbishment of nearly every court building in Kosovo, to assisting the KJC with the transfer of files between courts during the reorganization of the judiciary, USAID assistance has resulted in a number of positive steps forward as we together build an independent Kosovo. USAID|Kosovo, through the Effective Rule of Law (EROL) Program and the Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program, has been providing support to the courts and judiciary by introducing new approaches to effectively reduce the backlog of cases in controversy and of judgments awaiting enforcement. The two Programs’ efforts focus on better administration and management of cases, and the commitment of additional resources to assist the courts with preparing cases for judicial action. The initiatives have demonstrated efficacy and utility. As a result, judges and courts have finally resolved nearly 100,000 cases in less than two years. The EROL Program’s assistance, which is being piloted in the Gjakova Basic Courts and the Podujevo Branch of the Pristina Basic Court, has resulted in the disposition of nearly 10,000 cases. The CLE Program’s assistance to all Kosovo courts has resulted in the final disposition of more than 70,000 cases, with 20,000 fully collected.

"Today’s event is an opportunity for all of us to acknowledge that the successes demonstrated by two USAID Programs will require continued commitment if we are ever to completely fix the problem. Adequate resources must be allocated, judges and their staffs must be accountable to the Judicial Council, and the courts along with the KJC must have systems to manage the growing volume of case and court information" - said the USAID Kosovo Mission Director, James Hope.

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