Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

Steps of the Mediation Process

PHASE 1: The mediator will explain the principles of mediation, set the ground rules, and answer any questions the parties have. The parties and mediator will then sign an agreement to mediate.

PHASE 2: Each party will have uninterrupted time to tell its story and explain its point of view and feelings, without being challenged.

PHASE 3: The mediator will guide the parties’ discussion, assuring that they can respond to each other’s views and feelings in a calm and controlled setting. The mediator will ask questions to clarify the issues in dispute and ensure the parties have all the information they need to make a decision.

PHASE 4: Using the information gathered during the previous phases, the mediator will assist the parties in identifying and exploring possible solutions.

PHASE 5: The mediator will help the parties to reach a final agreement that is satisfactory to both parties and prepare a written agreement to be signed by the parties and the mediator. If an agreement is not reached, the Mediator will terminate the mediation.

Program Sheets