Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

Put it on Paper

The Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program aims at developing a "Culture of Contract" in Kosovo, through its "Put it on Paper" campaign which targeted Kosovo businesses and institutions with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of written contracts and its benefits.

Modern business practices require the extensive use of written contracts. The CLE Program works together with local institutions to improve the means and mechanisms for the enforcement of obligations and contracts in Kosovo. CLE promotes development of a “Culture of Contract” in Kosovo through improved legislation, enhanced skills in the legal profession, and modern business practices for commercial transactions and contracts, featuring the development of standard form contracts for common transactions, with commentary and usage notes.

In total CLE organized 28 "Put it on Paper" roundtables, out of which 14 were held with the non-majority business community. The roundtables gathered businesses from various sectors including the agricultural community, wholesale and distribution companies, NGO representatives, journalists, consultancy, social research, academic institution businesses, food processors, collection centers, and others. Approximately 400 people attended the roundtables. In all of its roundtables CLE distributed USB's containing CLE developed standard form contracts.

  • The USAID Contract Law Enforcement Program (CLE) expanded its Put it on Paper Campaign to university students and held two roundtables with law and economic students from ILIRIA College and University of Business and Technology (UBT)

    During the roundtables the participants learned about the importance and benefits of using written contracts, how the private enforcement system operates, and using mediation more
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    Reasons to Use Written Contracts