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Novosti iz Programa USAID-a za izvršenje i privredno zakonodavstvo (CLE)

Mission Director visits CLE Backlog Reduction Team in Gjilan

Mission Director visits CLE Backlog Reduction Team in GjilanPhoto by: The USAID Contract Law Enforcement (CLE) Program

Yesterday, the USAID Mission Director visited the Gjilan Basic Court, where significant progress for the rule of law is being made and access to justice is expanding. This court has managed to both dramatically reduce its backlog of enforcement cases and significantly increase the number of cases referred to mediation.


During his visit to the Court, the Mission Director met with the #BacklogReduction Team embedded in this court by the #ContractLawEnforcement #CLE Program. The CLE Backlog Reduction Team has been supporting Gjilan Basic Court since 2013 and has been assisting the Court to resolve the large number of enforcement cases that have accumulated over the years. With CLE assistance the court has closed 18,096 enforcement cases, while 6,940 cases remain open and pending. 


The Mission Director also visited the #Mediation Center in the Court supported by CLE since 2013. CLE is helping Kosovo graduate from complete donor dependence on mediation by building court capacity to manage referral of cases to mediation directly. With CLE assistance and KJC guidance, each Basic Court now has dedicated staff to administer case referrals, and CLE is providing training. The aim is to make Mediation self-sustainable by courts actively referring cases. Gjilan Basic Court has been an enthusiastic partner, with over 700 cases referred to mediation since 2013.

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